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The 'Simple Podcast Manager' is a program for managing the downloading of podcasts to a computer. It is designed to be as simple enough that even my mother could use it. (Not that I can convince her to give it a try.) It contains features to control the number of files to download, what the files will be names, where they will be stores, and how long to keep the files.


Add a podcast

Once the 'Simple Podcast Manager' has been started you will need to add a podcast feed. Hit the add button on the bottom of the GUI. Paste or type a feed into the Podcast URL field.

You can use 'Determine local filename By:' field to specify how local filenames are stored. URL, the default, uses the filename specified in the podcast feed. Title uses the podcast's feeds title with any special characters removed. The Date field will create a filename from the publication date of the specified filename. The Prefix field will add the specified text to the from of the filename.

You can use 'Determine number of podcast to Keep By' to specify how many podcasts to keep. The Count field specifies to keep a specific number of podcasts, using -1 will download all podcasts. The Days field specifies to keep each podcast for a specific number of days, as determined by the podcast publication date.

The Directory field all the user to specify the location to store the downloaded files.

Edit a podcast

Pressing the Edit button will allow a user to update any of the fields of the selected podcast.

Remove a podcast

Pressing the Remove button will remove a podcast feed and any downloaded files.


The Preferences button alls the user to update how often podcast will be check for new updates.


When the Update button will for all the podcasts to be updated immediately.


The Quit button will exit the podcast.

Browser Area
The browser area is the panel on the right side of the GUI. When a podcast directory is selected the browser will display the podcast feed data by keyword. When a specific podcast is selected the description is display in the browser. Any links selected in the browser will be loaded in the systems default browser.

Playing a podcast
A pop up menu will be display when the left mouse button is pressed when over a podcast file. When the play option is selected the default media player for the specified field is launch with the requested podcast.

Screen Shots

The main screen with a podcast field selected

The Edit a podcast screen

The preferences screen

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